Gauntlet Thrown And Accepted

So I’ve signed up for a 6 month book challenge to read 50 books. The goal is to reach a new way of thinking by massively immersing one’s brain with the thought bases from a lot of other people. It’s like a mental retreat for your mind.

Now, I’m not an avid book reader. I’ve probably read 50 books in my life up until this point. It’s actually much less if you take out the ones that were required reading for school work. I do read though. Principally articles on specific things I’m interested at at the moment. I find that a more efficient way to gain practical knowledge.

Book Challenge Received

And thus the book challenge. For me to do what I have not done before. First, to see how far I go in time. Then to see how many books I actually read in that time span. Finally at the end, I’ll determine what insights if any, I have gained from this challenge.

Most authors put a lot of time an effort into their books. First comes the life skill and experience to absorb the information. Next, to mind dump and organize and prioritize things. Then, to condense and write it down. With all that time an resources, you’d think I’d be much more excited to read and gain access to this knowledge.

The issue I have is the communication line. Reading, to me is such a slow way of getting information. For many things, a video, photo, or graphic can relay much more in a shorter period of time. Perhaps, I’ll try an educational video challenge next.

Book Challenge Accepted

I don’t have a list of the books I want to read. I have a few in mind, but I’m going to start with those books that are both interesting and convenient to get a hold of. In other words, those I can bum off friends for free are at the top of the list.

Well, I’m ready to get going on this. Let’s go hunt something down, get comfortable with a cup of hot black tea, crack that thing open, and get this show on the road.